OPTIR Large Touch Screens

OPTIR Large Touch Screens
Large Size Solution - Infrared touch screen.

* Maximum clarity - no added overlay except protection glass if needed.
* Light touch - no pressure is needed, can be activated by finger, gloved hand or stylus.
* High durability - no moving parts involved.
* Framed segments kit can be shipped at minimal cost comparing to shipping the finished large touch screen.
* USB interface, compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac & Linux. (For Mac users, extra driver CD is provided upon request.)

* 3-year warranty on all IR components, 1-year warranty on cable, power supply and accessories. Free life-time driver update and tech support.

Standard Sizes: 26", 32", 37", 40", 42", 46", 47", 50", 52", 55", 60" and 65"

Format of purchase: 1). Framed segments (no glass) or 2). Finished assembly (with glass, assembled)

***Note: Custom sizes are available up to 150".

For information on customize IR touch screen, please send an email to our Customer Service department.

* Please note that shipping charges will not appear on your order, but will be added to your order based on either the total shipping weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater. If you would like to know the shipping cost in advance, or have other questions about this product, please send email to Customer Service department.